Logo de Plasmatico acompañado de lampara de plasma


We are a digital agency specialized in Social Media Marketing.
We combine strategy and creativity to position your company in the market through Social Networks, in order to obtain measurable results.  

We distinguish ourselves due to our interdisciplinary work, artistic training, resolving character, data analysis and love for technology. Characteristics that we always put first  in each one of the projects that we work with.

We know the scope and positive impact that Social Networks have on marketing nowadays, that's why we focus on strengthening the following 4 Sources of Value that are vital for the growth of your company:

1. Brand exposure 24/7.
2. Identification of potential customers.
3. Optimization of advertising budgets.
4. Measurement and analysis of marketing strategies.


  • Strategy and Digital Creativity
  • Design of Digital Contents
  • Community Management
  • Metric and Statistics
  • Definition of Target
  • Definition of Target